Online Apparel Ordering

Here is the link:

Be sure to use the code TRIOAK at checkout to receive 25% off! If you forget, original pricing is final!

A few key notes:

  • Be sure to pay attention to if you want the TriOak FOODS logo or TriOak GRAIN logo. Both options are available on each item.
  • All purchases done online are at the employee’s expense.
  • Do not use a TriOak company credit card.
  • Items are shipped directly to your home; consider ordering a few items at once to get the most out of the shipping cost.
  • Order are only collected every TWO weeks. Items may take an additional 3-4 weeks to be created and shipped. Screen print items could take longer – you may receive your order in parts.
  • If you have a bulk order for producer meetings or something of that nature, please speak to Rory Wagenbach at or 319-766-2230 x 298.

For more information, attached here is the apparel ordering policy, effective 8/15/2022.