Our Values

TriOak Foods was founded as a company built on strong personal values and the belief that neither our company nor our employees can prosper unless both are successful. As employees of TriOak Foods we have responsibilities, an opportunity to have an impact and a commitment to core values.

Honesty and Integrity

A company’s success depends on its reputation as a trustworthy organization. The honesty and integrity of every TriOak employee in all dealings with people inside and outside of TriOak Foods impact customers and the success of our company. Doing what is right and honest in everyday work means keeping our promises to develop mutual trust. It’s the only way for the company and us, as employees, to prosper.

Loyalty to Our People and Families

There are several definitions of the word loyalty in the world today. These include the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations; the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. Each definition helps describe the loyalty between TriOak Foods, our employees and our families. The mutual commitment to each other, our customers and our families helps create the balance that allows our employees to succeed at work and at home.


People and companies alike succeed because they outperform others. Top performers strive for excellence, never settle and are driven to work hard. What truly separates our company from others is the quality of our employees and the way they work together. The hard work and drive of TriOak employees impacts the quality of our products and services, our relationship with our customers and the financial success of TriOak Foods.

Financial Stability

The expansion of the scope of a business, the investment in facilities and equipment, the addition of more employees and other similar actions are not taken lightly by business leaders. Since the company began operations in 1951, TriOak Foods has a strong history of financial stability, profitability and growth. Effective financial management combined with a good business plan, sound operations and a skilled workforce continue to drive the financial success of TriOak Foods today.