Grain Partnerships

The TriOak grain merchandising team is committed to helping growers add value to their crops. To that end, TriOak offers several attractive grain contract and marketing program options that give growers a diversified and simplified solution to their marketing plans.

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Cash Average Price Program

  • Simple averaging program based on our cash bids that prices a pre-determined number of bushels on the close of every Thursday
  • Old crop program that runs from the middle of January – the middle of March, for April delivered corn and beans
  • New crop program that runs from the middle of January – the middle of June for Fall delivered corn and beans
  • Fee: 1 cent for corn and 2 cents for beans

John Stewart and Associates Pro Pricing

  • This program enrolls a specific amount of bushels of corn and/or soybeans within a delivery window whereas JSA is responsible for establishing the futures price within a specified pricing period
  • Diversify the decision-making process for marketing corn and soybeans
  • The professional pricers are 3rd party participants in the program
  • 100% of enrolled bushels will be priced (no double up or knock-out structures)
  • Fee: 6 cents for corn and 10 cents for beans

E-Market Program

  • Internet based pricing tools to help simplify marketing
  • 8 different contracts with multiple variables for each contract
  • Grain is priced each day when market conditions specified by the producer are met
  • Fee: 3 cents for corn and 4 cents for beans

Flat Price Contract

A forward flat price contract locks in a flat price for grain to be delivered at a specific time period in the future.

Basis Contract

Basis contracts enable producers to lock in a basis, but establish the futures price at a later date.

Delayed Price Contract

A delayed price contract allows you to deliver your grain but establish the final price at a later date.

Open Storage

Grain may be placed in open storage at a fee.


Offers allow you to set a target price above the current market. If the target price is reached, TriOak will execute the transaction for you.

Please call for details on any of these marketing options.