Pork Partnerships

TriOak Foods is actively seeking pork production partners in Iowa and western Illinois. Partnering with TriOak is a way to strengthen the family farm model by providing additional opportunities for financial growth.

TriOak currently partners with over 300 area farms, establishing solid business relationships that stand the test of time. TriOak is proud to be working with virtually all of our original growers, some dating back 25 years. The relationships have been sustainable for both of us.

Click here to learn about Levi Greuel’s story, one of TriOak Foods’ pork producers!

How it Works

Under a typical partnership arrangement, TriOak supplies the pigs, feed and health services. Pigs are moved from one of twelve reproduction sites to a grow-out facility provided by the contract grower. Farm contractors provide the animal husbandry services and work closely with TriOak field personnel to ensure that the comfort and well-being of the pig come first.

As an added benefit, responsible manure management techniques provide valuable fertilizer for row crop farming, while contributing to the sustainability of the operation as a whole.

When the pigs are mature, the TriOak marketing crew assists the farm contractor in identifying the proper animals for market. Selecting the optimum weight range and employing proper loading techniques help ensure a quality pork product for consumers and a healthy return for the grower.

Become Part of Our Family

Learn how you can become part of the TriOak family by contacting Nick Biggs or Matt Dallas, Marketing and Relations Team, at nickb@trioak.com or matt.dallas@trioak.com.