Feed Program

The TriOak feed program is designed to ensure that our pigs get the optimum nutrition to grow efficiently, stay healthy and produce high quality pork products for our consumers. State-of-the art feed mills located in Oakville, Iowa, Bushnell, Illinois and Brandon, Colorado produce the strict, phase-feeding diet necessary for the various stages of pork production.

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Our system supports local crop markets by purchasing substantial quantities of corn and soybean meal from local growers.

Our Grain 

Our feeds are manufactured to the highest standards, and extra care is taken to ensure traceability, which allows us to ensure the accountability and quality of all feeds produced by TriOak mills. And TriOak’s fleet of feed delivery trucks provides additional quality control and cost-effective means of delivering feed to our grower sites.

Feed Mill Locations

TriOak Foods operates three feed mill plants that serve the company’s pork-producing partners in southeastern Iowa, western Illinois and Colorado.

TriOak HQ MapTriOak Foods – Oakville
103 West Railroad Street
Oakville, IA 52646




Bushnell MapTriOak Foods – Bushnell
106 Industrial Park Road
Bushnell, IL 61422
319.766.2230 ext. 421




CO Feed Mill MapTriOak Foods West – Colorado
12445 County Road 58.5
Brandon, CO 81026