Environmental Responsibility

Throughout this website, you’ll see reference to our belief in the importance of being sustainable, conscientious and responsible… and with good reason.

Being good stewards of the land, protecting our resources and respecting the animals we raise are all consistent with the core values we live every day.

Going the Extra Mile

Web_Environment ResponsibilityComplying with complex governmental regulations is a given. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t. But our sense of environmental responsibility extends beyond “going by the book.”

We want to be good neighbors. That’s why those three words – sustainable, conscientious, and responsible – are so important to us. We build high-quality facilities with reliable containment systems, employ best practices for manure management and train our employees to be vigilant in dealing with environmental issues.

If you have questions about TriOak’s commitment to our environment, direct them to Nick Biggs, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, at nick.biggs@trioak.com.