Bushnell Feed MillTriOak Foods operates grain elevators in four southeastern Iowa communities – including Oakville, the company’s corporate headquarters – as well as in western Illinois.

Each of the facilities handles corn and soybeans which are processed into feed for TriOak Foods’ pork operations.


TriOak HQ MapTriOak Foods – Oakville
(Corporate Headquarters)
103 West Railroad Street
Oakville, IA 52646



Other Locations

Morning Sun MapTriOak Foods – Morning Sun
Highway 78
Morning Sun, IA 52640




Richland MapTriOak Foods – Richland 
118 North Oak Street
Richland, IA  52585




Bushnell Map

TriOak Foods – Bushnell
106 Industrial Park Road
Bushnell, IL 61422
319.766.2230 ext. 421