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2023 Wellness Benefit Year

Wellness Incentives:

Wellness Screening Incentives:

  • $100 for all employees that complete the Wellness Screening or;
  • $150 for employees that who pass 4 out of 6 biometric markers in the health range or improve by 10% from the previous year.
  • $50 for employees who are nicotine free or $50 for employees if they complete the BreatheBetter program found on the bebetterhealth portal if text positive for nicotine during screening.
  • $50 for all employees that complete the Health Risk Assessment.
  • $50 for Employees whose spouse completes the Wellness Screening.
  • $50 for Employee whose spouse completes the Health Risk Assessment.
  • $50 for Employees whose spouse is nicotine free.

Payment for successful completion of the Wellness Screening and Health Risk Assessment will be paid out once all the location screenings are done and all information has been compiled by bebetterhealth and Great River.

Wellness Challenges:

We will have four wellness challenges between now and the end of 2023.  $100 will be awarded to all employees who participate and successfully complete two of the four wellness challenges during the 2023 wellness program year.

Wellness Challenges include the following:

  • 1st Quarter – Drop the Freight Challenge
  • 2nd Quarter – Grab a Cup, Fill it Up Challenge
  • 3rd Quarter – Move More Challenge
  • 4th Quarter – Ultimate Plank Challenge

Preventative Exam Incentives:

$200 for all Employees that complete 2 Preventative Exams.

To qualify, the exams need to fall within the wellness year of January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Preventative Exams Eligible for the incentive payout would include:

  1. Annual Physical with Primary Care Physician
  2. Dental Checkup
  3. Vision Exam
  4. Colorectal Exam
  5. Prostate Screening (PSA)
  6. Well Woman Exam
  7. Mammogram
  8. Skin Cancer Screening (full body examination by dermatologist)
  9. Flu Vaccination

Payment for successful completion of the two preventative exams will be paid out once we wrap up the wellness plan year. This payment should take place sometime in January of each year.